deutschRheinstein castle opposite of Assmannshausen,

Rhine in Flames, Rhine aflame, Flaming Rhine river, Firework Bingen and Rudesheim, Night of the magic fires
Seven enormous firework displays around the Binger Loch, between Trechtingshausen, Assmannshausen, Bingen and Rudesheim, Germany. "Burning" castles on both sides of the Rhine river. Boat parade round cruise with over 50 excursion ships along the fireworks. tickets | show photos | german wine festival schedule Rhein in Flammen | fire festivals | magic beautiful bengal night fires | boats | hotels
Rhine in flames / Rhine aflame -
Bingen and Rudesheim - The night of the fire magic

a fleet of more than 50 illuminated ships

Castle Rheinstein opposite of Assmannshausen at the
firework to Rhine in flames / Rhine aflame, © 1999

.Burg Rheinstein gegenüber von Assmannshausen beim Feuerwerk zu Rhein in Flammen, © 1999, Foto 30, WHO

Rhine in Flames, Rhine Aflame Boat parade along the fireworks, round cruise schedule and tickets

Firework display round boat trip Rhine River Lights™ Golden wine autumn and Swimming Federweisser vintage festival


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