deutschRhine in Flames near Rheinbreitbach - Night of Bengal Fire on seven mountains along Linz, Remagen, Rhine island Nonnenwerth, Bad Honnef, Konigswinter and Bonn with five fireworks displays. Visitor places on the Rhine river banks in Erpel, Unkel and Rheinbreitbach Rhein in Flammen pictures fire flaming promenade towns flame May boat parade festivals Germany bengal banks tickets festival schedule music mountains gorge places german cruise wine Drachenfels dragon rock


Rhine in Flame between Linz and Bonn

Linz - Erpel - Remagen - Unkel

Rheinbreitbach - Bad Honnef

Königswinter - Bonn

An over 1000 year old wine town, also called "Fenster zum Siebengebirge" ("Window to the seven mountains").

Well worth seeing are the gothic village church (14. century), the above castle, restored half-timbered houses as well as the ruins of the old water castle.

Linz - Erpel - Remagen - Unkel - Rheinbreitbach - Bad Honnef - Königswinter - Bonn

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